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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 19, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> pelley: tonight, drawing the battle lines for campaign 2012. >> i don't believe that class warfare is leadership. >> this is not class warfare. it's math. >> pelley: nor a o'donnell and unanimous sec cordes on the president's plan to raise taxes. the reno airshow crash claims a tenth life. we'll have the latest on what went wrong. dr. jon loo book on a new study that says people with diabetes are nearly twice as likely to develop dementia. and the most abused narcotic in the country. armen keteyian shows us how rogue pharmacies are filling millions of prescriptions which are destroying families. >>ly never be whole again,
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never. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. president obama called today for $1.5 trillion in new taxes to reduce the deficit, but the republican leadership said in effect read their lips and, well, you know the rest. with that the campaign 2012 battle over taxes has begun. our latest cbs news/"new york times" poll finds that most americans agree with the president on one thing. when we asked whether budget deficit reduction should include both tax increases and spending cuts, overall 71% said yes. and among republicans, 57% agreed. we have reports from norah o'donnell and nancy cordes. first nor a -- norah who is here in new york because the president will be visiting the u.n. later this week.
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norah? >> reporter: scott, we saw very different president obama in the rose garden, doubling down on his plan to cut the deficit by raising taxes on the wealthiest american, and he vehemently rejected republican charges that his proposal fuels class warfare. >> we can't just cut our way out of this hole. it's going to take a balanced approach. >> reporter: president obama today challenged republicans in congress to embrace a plan that does more than just cut spending. >> it's only right that we ask everyone to pay their fair share. >> reporter: by everyone, the president means the wealthiest americans. today mr. obama outlined more than three trillion dollars in additional deficit reduction over the next decade by proposing $1.1 trillion in savings from the drawdown of troops in afghanistan and iraq. 580 billion in mandatory spending cuts, including reforms to medicare and medicaid, and that $1.5 trillion in tax reform, including expiration of some of the bush tax cuts and by
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closing loopholes and deductions for the wealthiest americans. the president's most controversial suggestion, the so-called buffett rule, named after billionaire investor warren buffett, who first suggested it. the idea is that people who make more than $1 million a year right now pay only 15% of their income if it comes from investments, which is much lower than most americans pay on the income they get from their jobs. >> i reject the idea that asking a hedge fund manager to pay the same tax rate as a plumber or a teacher is class warfare. >> reporter: the president also threatened to veto anything that takes one dime from medicare or medicaid without asking the rich the pay their fair share. a message that was greeted with cheers by a democratic base that has grown disillusioned with the president. >> pelley: norah, stay with us just a moment. nancy cordes has been on capitol hill working on republican reaction. nancy? >> reporter: well, scott, the president's plan was dead even before arrival in the house of representatives with spokesman for speaker boehner tweeting before the president had even
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finished speaking that the plan was not serious and would kill jobs. as the president predicted, a number of republicans accused him of class warfare, and one of those republicans was the speaker of the house, who was delivering an address in cincinnati. >> i don't believe that class warfare is leadership. and, you know, we could get into the tax the rich, tax the rich, but that is not... that's not the basis for america. and it's not going to get our economy going again, and it's not going to put people back to work. >> reporter: democrats on the other hand were cautiously supportive. they liked the fact that the president issued that veto threat. they were hoping that he would get tough. but they're a little bit worried about his proposal for cuts to medicare and medicaid. they worry that that will give republicans license to push for even deeper cuts to those programs as a way to bring down the debt, scott. >> pelley: nancy and norah, look at something the president
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said this morning that really caught our attention. >> so the speaker says we can't have it my way or the highway, and then basically says my way or the highway. [laughter] that's not smart. it's not right. >> pelley: norah, it sounds like the president is drawing his own line in the sand. i wonder, what do you think the prospects for compromise are now? >> reporter: i think the president has decided to stand on principle rather than pragmatism. he's thrown the idea of compromise out the window and really wants to try to win the battle for public opinion ahead of the 2012 presidential race. >> pelley: i wonder what you're hearing on capitol hill, nancy? >> reporter: it seems like the long standing civility is fraying a built. speaker boehner said it seems like sometimes he and the president are from two different worlds. it's not that surprising after so many failed attempts at
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compromise and bipartisanship that they're growing a bit frustrated with each other. >> pelley: thank you. this new poll may explain the willingness of americans to tax millionaires. most of us don't expect to become one. according to an associated press poll out today say only two americans in ten expect to become a millionaire in the direction next decade. the tenth victim has died today from that horrific crash during the air race in reno, nevada. at least 70 others were injured when a world war ii fighter plane nose dived into the crowd on friday. federal investigators have recovered a data chip that may help explain what went wrong. karen brown in reno spoke to some of the spectators who barely escaped. >> reporter: it was the final lap of a great day of racing. bob kraft was sitting next to his son stephen when the c-51 dived towards them. [screaming]
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>> the only thing i remember seeing is the nose, the front of the aircraft coming straight down right at us. >> reporter: did you think it was going to hit you? >> there was no doubt in my mind that it was going to hit us and we were going to die. >> this huge explosion of noise and then the dust and then all of a sudden you see the carnage of the people. >> reporter: the plane missed them by just yards. sprayed with that ral independent, stephen kraft captured these images. >> people were applying tourniquets. a lot of people were coming up saying, "what can i do, what can i do?" the biggest thing was "i need your belt." >> reporter: emergency nurse julie morgan was working in a first aid booth. >> the eerie thing about the crash scene was most of the people were critically injured and in just so much shock they were silent and that just blinked at you when you asked what their injury was. the people in the crowd saved lives because the injuries were imminently life threatning. >> i come running right there in
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the green shirt. >> 25-year-old noah joraanstad was struck in the back and head with debris. >> i'm waiting for the next part of when you die. >> reporter: it was strangers who carried him from the smoke and carnage. >> what do you say to them? >> i can't thank them enough. they kind of had guts for going in there and staying with anybody. to me those are the real heroes. >> reporter: and, scott, in fact, investigators are now closely examining the video and the dozens of photos taken by spectators, including this one, which clearly shows the p-51 lost a piece of its tail. it's called the elevator trip tap, and, scott, that's the part of the tail that helps the plane maintain stability. >> pelley: karen, thank you very much. a georgia clemency board will decide tomorrow whether 42-year-old troy davis will be put to death for the murder of a savannah police officer. davis was convicted 20 years ago on the strength of damning eyewitness testimony but now
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many of those witnesses have admitted they misled the jury and there are pleas for davis to be spared, but not everyone is convinced. we asked mark strassmann to look into the case. >> reporter: troy davis was sent to georgia's death row for the 1989 murder of mark mcphail, the off-duty savannah cop was shot as he tried to stop the beating of a homeless man. a fight over a bottle of beer outside this bus station. davis was in the crowd but denied he was the killer. seven of the nine prosecution witnesses have now recanted, four who said they saw davis pull the trigger and three who claimed davis told them he was the killer. all seven now allege pressure by police to blame davis. >> he tried to break up a fight, and the fight went bad and a cop got shot and then he got blamed for it. >> reporter: dejuan davis-correia is a nephew. his earliest childhood visits
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are of prison visits to see his uncle. are you 100% convinced he's innocent? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: when i say the namery" "troy davis" to you, wht goes through your mind? >> the man who killed my father. that's what goes through my mind, is the man who took him from me. >> reporter: america mcphail, jr., was two months old when his father, officer mark mcphail, was murdered. for you what has hurt the most? >> not having a father. i grew up my entire life not knowing my dad. that's tough for a five-year-old to ask his mother, why don't i have a daddy. it's tough for me to talk about it. >> reporter: even today. >> even today. >> i was up there. >> reporter: questions about the conviction of troy davis have been growing for years. larry young is the homeless man who was being beaten in the fight that ended with mcphail's death. he testified he saw davis fire the gun, but then in 2007, young said this to cbs news.
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do you know who killed the officer? >> no idea. i don't even know who hit me. >> reporter: young now maintains police withheld medical treatment for his bleeding help until he named davis. all sides agree there is no physical evidence linking davis to the murder. no murder weapon was ever found, no d.n.a. recovered. now one million people have signed petitions asking for clemency. >>are you worried? >> you're not worried at all? >> no. >> reporter: but mark mcphail, jr.,, who plans to become a cop himself, hopes to see davis executed. will you be there? >> yes, i will. me and my family will be there. >> reporter: tomorrow georgia's state board of pardons and paroles will announce its final decision and end a two-decade wait for two savanna, savannah, georgia.
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likely to develop dementia, including alzheimer's disease. dr. jon lapook is our medical correspondent. jon, how might diabetes cause dementia. >> there are two causes of dementia. the first is vascular. that's due to too little blood flow. then there's alzheimer's. that's when you have gooey plaque that gums up the works in the brain. it makes sense that diabetes would increase the risk ofdy men schamp why it increases the risk of alzheimer's is unclear, but we're learning more about the importance of insulin in brain function. of course in diabetes you have abnormal insulin function. >> pelley: what can people with diabetes do with this information? >> it's not clear if reduces diabetes reduces the risk fordy men -- dementia. researchers took insulin and put
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it straight to the brain and it seemed to improve things. whether that's a good treatment is unclear. >> pelley: jon, thanks very much. before there was hope and crosby, there was hope and athena. bob hope's widow died today. delores hope gave up her singing career after she married the comedian but often joined him when he entertained the troops. the hopes were died for nearly 70 years when bob hope died at the age of 100. delores hope was 102. they have become a pipeline for prescription pills. our investigation into rogue pharmacies is coming next. [ hayden ] what if there was a makeup that didn't just hide yo [ jennifer ] and i'm jennifer northcutt.
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>> pelley: prescription drug abuse is a growing problem in this country and a big part of that problem is rogue pharmacies distributing millions of pills. our chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian found out what's happening. >> reporter: at 23, heather belleme had a dark secret. for two years she was addicted to the powerful painkiller oxycodone that tore at her mother lisa. >> i would never think in a million years heather would abuse drugs, never. >> reporter: even though belleme never had a medical need for oxycodone, she had no problem getting prescriptions for doctors and getting them filled. in march she walked into this fort lauderdale pharmacy with a prescription and walked out with 168 pills of oxy, paying $700 in
6:50 pm
cash. four days later she died of an overdose. >> she was just so full of life, and it was taken away. >> reporter: oxycodone is now the most abused narcotic in the country. we found in 2010 pharmacies ordered more than 3.1 billion doses of oxycodone. pharmacies in florida purchased more than 421 million of those doses, more than these 23 states combined. >> they just script after script after script, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. >> reporter: mark trouville is in charge of a new office whose no cuss is abuse. >> we're talking about pattern of consistent abuse that's motivated by greed and not by the good. >> reporter: rogue pharmacies work with shady doctors to illegally dispense millions of
6:51 pm
pills to addicts and drug dealers. >> they're nothing but money-making operations. >> reporter: organized drug dealing? >> it absolutely is. >> reporter: how difficult is it to identify and then target and bust these pharmacies? >> we have to go way beyond. we have to show that there's clearly an intents to violate the law. it's not easy. >> reporter: according to d.e.a. records, this obscure strip mall pharmacy in pembroke pines, virginia, purchased more oxy than any retail pharmacy in the nation in 2009 and was number one in florida last year, purchasing more than 2.3 million doses, 40 to 50 times more than pharmacies in the same neighborhood. we went to pembroke pines to talk to the owner, pharmacist stephen schwartz. stephen schwartz? i'm armen keteyian from cbs news. but he only wanted to talk about oxy prescriptions he's filling now. >> now we fill about five scripts a week. >> reporter: because in 2010 you did 2.3 million, 50 times...
6:52 pm
here's the numbers right here. >> could you pulitzer prize -- please leave the store? i really have no comment. >> >> reporter: any explanation at all? >> because we filled a lot doesn't mean we didn't do our due diligence. >> reporter: schwartz says he violated no laws and the pharmacy has not been charged with any crime. when you see those kind of numbers, red flags are raised? >> in a general sense, that's the smoke where there's fire. >> reporter: carmen catizone says pharmacists are required by law to watch for suspicious prescriptions. >> the pharmacist has a legal and ethical responsibility to make sure they don't dispense drugs that are going to be abused or diverted. >> reporter: the pharmacist who filled heather belleme's last prescription told cbs news that he verified it was genuine and how she got it and what she did with the pills is not his responsibility. words this grieving mother won't
6:53 pm
accept. she wanted to tell her story to us so that no one will forget how her daughter died. >>ly never be whole again, never. i'm broken. i can't bring heather back. but i can save other people. >> reporter: the florida legislature recently passed tougher laws on who can dispense oxy. still the d.e.a. says applications to open up new pharmacies in the state have skyrocketed, accounting for all new applications, scott, nationwide. >> pelley: armen, thank you very much. we're pretty sure that george washington never slept there, but a man who would be president did, and we'll take you to plain creek, texas, next. and fruit & veggie has antioxidant properties. wi arthritis pain.e
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new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™. chris van hollen joins us tonight to break down the president's $3 trillion deficit reduction plan. i'll see you at 7:00. e list includes such varied places as hope and plains, tampico and cove gap and niles. if things go rick perry's way, the next addition to the list of home towns of presidents will be paint creek, a place so small dean remember -- reynolds tells us it stumped the gps. deep in the lone star state in the middle of the middle of nowhere lies the community of paint creek, a place of quiet roads, vast horizons, merciless
6:57 pm
heat and a few other things. >> rattlesnakes. >> we have rattlesnake, but you just watch out for them. >> scorpions? >> oh, yes. >> fire abouts? >> oh, yes. you're probably standing in some. >> i hope not. >> reporter: waller overton is a wheat farmer without a crop this year because of a drought as bad as any can remember, but even in good times it's a struggle in paint creek. is it a hard life? >> yes. >> reporter: and you like it that way? >> well, yes. >> reporter: this is the main street in paint creek, and this is the center of the community. to say it's small is an understatement. it's part of what texans call "the big empty." the school, prekindergarten through 12th grade has 161 students. the football team is six to a side. there's no post office, no grocery, no claim to fame until now. >> i grew up in a house that didn't have running water until we were about five years old. >> reporter: this is where rick perry graduated third in a
6:58 pm
class of 13, the community where he met his wife. his parents still raise cotton here or try. >> i knew that the american dream was possible. report like perry, waller overton was a boy scout and says that dream is still nurtured here. >> the immunity takes care of you. you feel secure here. i wouldn't... it's the best place to raise children you'll ever find. >> reporter: phil coleman played football with perry. >> not money rich, but, you know, you don't have to have money to be happy. >> reporter: there's a difference of opinion in paint creek about rick perry's appeal as a candidates. you didn't have him marked for greatness i guess? >> remight have had himself marked for greatness. >> reporter: but just about everybody recognizes a certain self-sufficiency in perry that's bred into people out here. >> you learn that nothing happens without you doing it or being involved in it. >> reporter: and in this tiny outpost on the texas flatland, it's easy to see why that may be so.
6:59 pm
dean reynold, cbs news, paint creek, texas. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us as cbs news all around the world, good night. tonight some restroom unrest. that prompted a family to sue starbucks. a little girl went with her family to use the bathroom at a local starbucks and when she got up to wash her hands she noticed a camera pointing where she was sitting. and her parents say her sense of security was flushed down the drain. >> you can sit in a starbucks coffee shop and videotape people using the restroom and have it as a live stream on the internet. >> reporter: the mother still


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